SFG Help (v1.0)

This program has three tabs across the top to allow; selection of files, script command line, additional options. The Status line at the bottom of the page shows the number of selected files and date/time.
Tab1 - File Selection:
This page allows you to select the files you want to work with.
Tab2 - Script template line and output file location:
The template line will apply to each of the selected files as shown on Tab1
Legend of special commands for the script template line:
%1 - Full file path including Extension
%2 - File Drive letter
%3 - File Path (not including drive letter or file name)
%4 - File name (no extension)
%5 - File Extension
%6 - Last save date
%7 - File size in kB
%8 - return character
%9 - Count number of selected files in list
%0 - Number of selected files in the list
The output file for script files should end .SCR for script. Note this application can be used to create other types of files like batch (BAT) files or general listing type files like .TXT / .LOG / .CSV.
Tab3 - Additional options:
To speed up the script you may want to change the regeneration or text display options, so there is an entry to add a first line and last line to your script file. There are options to ensure files are only listed once or allow a file to be listed multiple times.
There are buttons to modify the most recently used (MRU) entries for file output and script template lines.