Tab3 - Additional Options

The above example is used in a a\batch file creation that deletes existing files before starting. Note the Directory divide has changed from the default "/" to "\" (could be left blank for no change).

First Line
This allows the user to add a command line to the start of the file. In the example above any drawing files in the C:\issue directory will be deleted before the rest of the batch file is processed.

Last Line
this allows the user to add a last line to the file. In the example above the user may want to invoke an archive program to compress all the files into a single file for issue.

Add quotes to Long Filenames
This option is typically required so and paths that involve spaces within their names do not cause unwanted errors in the script.

Remove Duplicates
Almost always we do not want duplicated filenames. However there may be some occasions where there are exceptions so this feature has been added.

Directory Divider
The default Directory divider is "/" by default due to CAD applications treating it as a break for user selection. The user can replace the directory divider with any another valid character (i.e. "," "=", "+", "//" etc...)

Company Logo / Software Purchase License
This can be input / revised at time of purchase or update. Currently the VB version is FREE!